About Erik

DJ Erik de Gast (1980) is a jazz, funk and house artist who plays a wide variety of music at many events, festivals and parties. Always improvising, he maintains a good contact with his audience and plays what the crowd likes to hear. Because he plays in a large variety of clubs and places, he knows a great deal about audiences and their tastes.

Erik is also confident outside of jazz, funk and house music and can create a danceble 70's, 80's or 90's atmosphere.

Dressed in style often in a jacket and tie, accented with casual sneakers or faded jeans, he fits in with a modern and self-conscious audience. Give Erik the opportunity to demonstrate his exuberant character and he finishes his look off with a nice glass of single malt whisky or a long filler cigar. Good music should of course be accompanied with real enjoyment!

Erik plays throughout the Netherlands, from intimate cafes to trendy clubs. In the spring and the fall he provides fashion shows with musical accompaniment. You can meet him in the open air during for summer drinks, or in the winter at fairs and other events.

The modern dance and jazz influences in his "turntable sessions" are expressed mainly in melodic bass lines and piano. But other instruments like the saxophone or jambe are well represented. Erik de Gast regularly plays together with live saxophonists and percussionists of national renown.
In his house and lounge music you'll hear a distinct South American atmosphere with a funky edge; latin and bossa nova, drums mixed with memories of the disco era.


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Dutch Jazz DJ, with tie & turntable

Upcoming gigs!

Fashion Flashes

  • Meerkerk, The Netherlands
  • Meerkerk, The Netherlands

Espressivo at Efteling

  • Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands
  • 9th of May 2014

VIP Night Trendies

  • Harderwijk, The Netherlands
  • 6th of March 2014

Saxy & Saeckelijk

  • Den Bosch, The Netherlands
  • 6th of June 2014


  • Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • 5th of September 2014

Club Epic

  • Tilburg, The Netherlands
  • 31st of May 2014


  • Hedikhuizen, The Netherlands
  • 30th of May 2014

Spring Wedding

  • Hedikhuizen, The Netherlands
  • 30th of May 2014

Summer Wedding

  • Haren, The Netherlands
  • 2nd of August 2014

Invicta @ Baselworld 2014

  • Basel, Switserland
  • 27th of March 2014 - 3rd of April 2014

Carnaval in Oeteldonk

  • Oeteldonk, The Netherlands
  • 27th of February 2014 - 4th of March 2014

Anny van Buul VIP Event

  • Den Bosch, The Netherlands
  • 25th of May 2014

Erik's diary

Wow! The Invicta Subaqua Noma V 7 May 2013

Dinsdag 7 mei 2013

On my wrist now is the Invicta Subaqua Noma V, an amazing diver's watch from America's watchmaker Invicta! I got this timepiece at the BaselWorld 2013 show in Switserland where I performed at the Invicta Boot. It was a great week in Basel, with almost every evening an afterparty on high volume and also the best cocktails in town!

When you're in Basel you'll find out that there are a lot of different cultures and languages. People from everywhere are visiting this important exhibition every year and that makes it an inspiring workplace up there! Even dutch people, who thought that I was an American or English DJ, were visiting the Invicta boot and gave me their cards. It was funny that we start talking in English and both thinking "where's that accent from?". Finally we found out that we could better speak in Dutch, for me it's a big easier! I want to thank the whole crew at Invicta, especially the managing team from the US who I'll be visiting this month in Florida. But I won't forget to thank the European Invicta crew, their hospitality and for all arrangements. I hope we'll meet again at BaselWorld 2014!

Oeteldonk 2013

Maandag 18 februari 2013

What an awesome period.., carnival 2013 at Oeteldonk! Your jazz, bossanova, tech-, progressive- & latinhouse dj turned over in a complete crazy oeteldonksy carnivalsdeejay! A music category that turns a lot of people to madness, but also brings a lot of people together in the beautiful city Den Bosch, named Oeteldonk because of the swamp with a lot of frogs in it... 7 days of drinking, dancing en enjoying, a party what brings me always back in or around February.

The event (with the subtitle Oeteldonk 'n lèkker gevûûl) started at Stadsherberg 't Pumpke on thursday behind a women only bar.., and a male DJ! Good start with a lot of nice people! The schedule was free to go on Friday... Saturday the decks were "Erik-de-Gast-Proof" at Roels, a great brown bar at the centre of the Korte Putstraat, a famous street with a lot of bars and restaurants. Sunday afternoon was a really great gig at the Zoete Inval, a small restaurant at the old heart of the city. Sunday night the crowd became crazy at Zoetelief, a big partyplace also in the Korte Putstraat. Normally a very good restaurant, this time turned over in an awesome disco palace! It became a long night, like the song says.., Brabantse nachten zijn lang! That monday your DJ was at the Theater aan de Parade, lot of people would say "the heart of Oeteldonk", a place filled with blue overalls and red white yellow shawls. Very special to be there, also very nice and thankful! That night I was invited to take place behind the decks at Zoetelief again. Wow! What a night! That tuesday begun at the streets of Oeteldonk, a wonderful ambiance that is so special! And the almost the best was at the end of Carnival 2013.., a powerful closing party at Tapperij De Saeck! Such a great night, many people will never forget that! Don't have words for such a fantastic crew, but all the people I met behind the bars and in whole Oeteldonk were great! See you in 2014, Oeteldonk loat oe zweve!  

Friday 23rd of November 2012 is for African kids!

Woensdag 21 november 2012

A live set with Erik de Gast and others this friday for charity, a great initiative organised by some cafes in Den Bosch, named Cinq, Cordes, Opium and Bottles & Bites. They support St. Sprankje Hoop. This foundation indorse some villages in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world! Entrance is free, the complete profit goes to St. Sprankje Hoop! So be there and drink a little more than you do normally...

The line-up at this charity event, started by Ilona Schlager and a prominent from Den Bosch, will be The JackPakers, ShitIsBangin', Timmietex, Randy Royale, Mr. Indeed and DJ Erik de Gast. Companies who are involved with this good initiative are DukeTown Label, Barefoot Whine, Bacardi, Jupiler, Big Feet and Yourent. The night starts at 8pm in café Cinq with a drink and will be continued around 10pm at the other venues. A great night with a lot of fun, every club or café should organise some kind of charity event. The crowd have to drink a little bit more than they normally do and everyone supports this important social problem in the world. Your help is needed, so be there and have fun!

Such an awesome weekend!

Maandag 17 september 2012

Wow! What a crazy weekend with gigs in Breda, Barneveld, Kaatsheuvel and a serious roofparty, including swimming pool and cocktailbar in Den Bosch! Feels like a 48th hours set of turntablism with just 4 hours sleeping in my bed... The weekend started with a wonderfull wedding of Marius and Angeline at Landgoed Wolfslaar, near Breda.

The set-up at the wedding was organised by Espressivo, the audio- and lightprofessionals from Riel (near Tilburg). I worked together with live sax and percussion, a very nice combination! Great show, but a late night accompanied by my lightjockey Joey. Next early saturday morning in a hurry to Barneveld, for some fine music at Janse Mode. Thanks to the girls in store for the friendly hosting. After that I drove to the Efteling in Kaatsheuvel for a show which was also organised by Espressivo. A very good welcome for a DJ over there and a nice party with a lot of people who love the disco era of the 70's and 80's. The weekend got a stunning final on Sunday at The Art of Living Well in Den Bosch. I got a soundsystem, named Kharma, what means ultra high definition sound, designed like a Ferrari! Wow, what an incredible power! Before my session they were used at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, on a boat. The story tells that the Monaco police abort the party... Well, it was an honour to play with the red Boom Boxes on the roof of a building in the middle of industrial zone De Brand in Den Bosch. Great atmosphere in front of the pool (check the pics on my website!) and thanks to Tessa from The Art of Living Well for the booking! Oh, I almost forgot to name the great caipirinha's made by Dazzling Cocktails!

My first blog on the new website!

Dinsdag 3 juli 2012

Oh yeah, it's almost there.., my first blog. Hopefully it looks good, but before I tell you all my stories and adventures of last weekend I have to let you know that this is just a test. See you soon @ erikdegast.com!


You just have to read this awesome post!

Dinsdag 3 juli 2012

Last weekend was great with a party at the Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam, near Nemo and the beautiful remake of the sailship "Amsterdam". The party was powerd by Espressivo, thanks guys for the dj gear, and it begun with a jazzy sound. Later that evening I was playing together with sax Ben Rodenburg.

I look forward to work with him again and of course the professional people from Espressivo. Hope to see you soon at my website, you can leave a short message in the shoutbox!

Leave your message @ The Shoutbox

Dinsdag 3 juli 2012

From now on you can leave your message in the shoutbox on this website. It's a very simple manner to communicate, and I like to read it when you have compliments of course, but also comments or special requests for music.  Read more... And the most fantastic part of it, you don't have to do it in english like this website seem to suggest, but it can also just in your home language like dutch. Ik zal het meteen even verklaren, aangezien de jazz formule met de draaitafels een internationaal opgezet plan is zal ik de meeste info delen in het engels. Maar dat wil natuurlijk niet zeggen dat we niets in het nederlands kunnen schrijven en plaatsen, dus via de shoutbox verneem ik graag jullie "shouts"! Heel benieuwd ben ik naar jouw mening over deze website, ik ben er heel blij mee en hoop dat het de boekingen en andere opdrachten vergemakkelijkt. See you soon in the shoutbox! Greets, Erik


Your partypics on this website!

Dinsdag 3 juli 2012

f you have some pictures from parties where we have been, mail those pics to info@erikdegast.com and I will publish them on this website!

You can also check this website frequently for pics or ask me by using the shoutbox. I will try to publish all pics after a few days.


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